Administrative Setup

The overall administrative control in running the scheme in the State as a whole including the four Sub Regions (Madurai, Coimbatore, Salem and Tirunelveli ) rest with the Regional Director, ESIC, Chennai.

With a view to ensure effective administration by way of easy accessibility and early settlement of claims and grievances of employers and employees with reference to the activities connected with Insurance and benefits matters, the Joint Directors of the respective Sub Region excercise the powers delegated in this regard.



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Implementation of the Scheme

The Scheme is implemented in .... centers covering 28 out of 30 districts in Tamilnadu Region. During 2006-07 , the Scheme has extended to 7 new centers in Tamilnadu Region viz. Kancheepuram, Kelambakkam, Begumpur, Karungal, Peripheral areas of Munichalai, Kovilpatti, Tenkasi & Srivilliputhur.


Medical Boards

The Govt. of Tamilnadu has setup 10 medical boards for assessment of loss of earning capacity of Insured Persons due to employment injuries. Out of these, three boards are functioning in Chennai Region including Vellore, three in Coimbatore, two in Madurai, one in Salem and one in Tirunelveli.


Redressal of Public Grievances

ESIC Chennai has put in an effective mechanism for redressal of grievances. Shikayat Adalats are conducted regularly at Branch Office by Branch Managers and at Regional Office by Additional Commissioner.

Mr. Shri. LOORTHU VEDAM, Joint Director (Tel No  :  044 - 2830 6305, Fax No :  044 - 2823 8559 ) is designated as Complaints Officer and complaints received are dealt with and disposed of on priority. The complaints are closely monitored.

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